Shelliza Diaz from Camuy and Isabela PR

I use this cleaning service for my Airbnb. The owner is very easy to communicate with. He is also flexible with last minute bookings. When I have a check out and a check in same day, I always can depend on him to prepare my Airbnb for the next guest in a timely manner. He has a few employees that work for him as well. They are trustworthy, reliable, and thorough. This service will remind me when I am running low on certain cleaning products and paper products. This is not just a cleaning service but the owner helped me out a few time when a guest broke my bed and he went to the store and purchased another bed frame, delivered it to my Airbnb location and assembled it as well for a small fee. I am so very grateful since I live in the states and my family in Puerto Rico lives on the other side of the island. The owner helped me out and saved me from having to buy a ticket and fly out there. I appreciate him a lot. Thank you Shelliza Diaz from Camuy and Isabela PR.